NANFA-L-- Seven Species with a Rod!

Dean A. Markley (
Sun, 28 Aug 2005 09:01:17 -0400

Hello all! Yesterday, I finally had some time to get out and try to do
some collecting to stock my 110 gallon tank. My goal was to obtain some
nice 3-6 inch sunfish species. From prior experience, using a seine or
dipnet does not work well for these fish or in that size. So, I used a
light weight rod. I squeezed down the barb on the size 10 hooks with
pliers. Bait was either small worms or small (1 inch) crayfish
collected on site.

I visited the Chickies Creek near Landisville, PA. This stream flow
into the Susquehanna about 4-5 miles away. Water level was very low
which made wading easy. In about one hour of fishing, I had caught the

1. Over a dozen redeyes. As expected, these fish were everywhere. I
kept 2 4 inch specimens.
2. One 10 inch largemouth bass. I released him promptly.
3. Three 7-11 inch smallmouth bass. All were released due to large size.
4. Over a dozen pumpkinseeds. Kept one in the 4 inch range.
5. One yellow bullhead about 8 inches. Released.
6. Three 6-7 inch gizzard shad. I saw many more racing through the pools.
7. Two 4 inch bullhead minnows? I was a bit surprised-in-these. I am
still not sure of the species. They look like bullheads but also
resemble emerald shiners in some ways. I took these home also.
Unfortunately one died after about an hour. It's lip was torn badly
from the hook.

What a trip! Seven species on hook and line! The two redeyes and the
pumpkinseed are doing well so far and are eating small minnows and
worms. Strangely the redeyes vary in coloration. While both have the
characteristic mottle, one is very dark while the other is lighter. Any
thoughts on this?

Does anyone have any thoughts on getting redeyes to eat dried food?

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