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<< Does Lee Harper have any suggestions?
(thanks Lee!) >>

NO, it depends on what is lacking the water you start with. MY tap water
contains a reasonable hardness with the following analysis:
Calcium (mg/L): 27
Magnesium (mg/L): 10
Sodium (mg/L): 17
Potassium (mg/L): 3.4
Lithium (mg/L): N.D.

If I started with RO water, I would calculate the amount needed to get to
this level using the sulfate salts. If starting with lower but significant
levels in tap water I would make the similar calculation. I have never done this
because I generally need the reverse so I add rain water or RO water. I
monitor it with a TDS meter. I start with about 220 ppm TDS and reduce to less than
100 ppm for soft water fishes. So to make it simpler I would mix Calcium
Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Sulfate and Potassium Sulfate in either the
ratio of my tap water (but I would never need to do that because I have tap
water) and add to RO water until I got the desired TDS. Seachem Equilibrium
contains Potassium 23%
Calcium 8.08%
Magnesium 2.41%
Iron 0.11%
Manganese 0.06%

Obviously a different ratio than my tap water. Maybe better, I don't
know. A lot more Potassium and no Sodium.

Lee Harper
Media, PA
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