NANFA-L-- fish transportation

Peter Unmack (peter.lists-in-)
Sat, 12 Aug 2006 18:30:34 -0500 (CDT)

G'day folks

I am going to need to move a bunch of fish (minnows, mostly Cyprinella)
over a two day road trip in the near future. I have always done short
term movements in coolers, but it gets a bit messy with water splashing
around. I have a few questions. Do folks have suggestions on different
transportation methods? I have thought about using fish boxes (and/or
coolers) and bagging the fish in large bags. This would be a lot less
water (and weight), but would mean the fish would have to endure more
sloshing around. Alternatively, if I do use coolers, do folks have any
suggestions on brands/types that are less prone to leaking water out the
top with the lids closed? Also, when I move fish in coolers I tend to
keep them pretty full to reduce sloshing around. I presume other folks
usually do this as well? I'm not really sure how important sloshing
really is in terms of avoiding it.

If anyone has any thoughts on that they'd be greatly appreciated.

Peter Unmack
Provo River, Utah
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