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Sun, 13 Aug 2006 01:04:27 -0700 (PDT)

This is something I do for a few reasons. I use yarn
mops in my transport container(coolers, fish shipping
boxes). The mops give the fish something to hide in
and it reduces stress. The second reason is they act
like a baffel to slow the water motion down. I use
fishing bobbers to make them float instead of using
cork. After making mops for my killies, I was going to
take some killies to my dad's farm to live for the
summer in outdoor set ups. So I left the mops in and
the fish kept their color during the move(proof of low
stress). So I tried it in the cooler when collecting
natives. These have still been short trips but the
fish do much better than without them. My trunk is
vinyl lined with drain holes so I never have worried
about leaking but only had a problem with one styro
cooler leaking which I am thankful I caught in time to
save the fish.

Later, John

--- Peter Unmack <peter.lists-in-> wrote:

> G'day folks
> I am going to need to move a bunch of fish (minnows,
> mostly Cyprinella)
> over a two day road trip in the near future.

John Cox of Cumberland Killifish
Honey Robber beekeeping and removal services

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