Re: NANFA-L-- Mingo (was fish transportation)
Wed, 16 Aug 2006 15:15:06 EDT

bob h just emailed me this regarding monday's mingo trip, the last activity
of the nanfa convention.

We will be loading and unloading canoes on the Mingo River Access in the
Wildnerness Area...same put in and take out point. I was planning that all
canoeists be back at the boat launch no later than 3 pm, in which the conference
comes to an end and people can go to wherever they please.

as for me i will head north to cobalt city for a piece of pie and then into
parts unseen.
some of the things ive picked out for post convention activities are
visiting the chiseled elephant rocks, snorkeling the clear waters of the black river
and seeing the burst dam carnage of johnsons shut-ins.

i cant tell exactly how much of a drive it is back to cape g but i figure
from my mo gazeer its about 1.5 hours to the ne.

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