NANFA-L-- Removing Chloramine - Sodium Thiosulfate? Source?

Jase Roberts (
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:42:23 -0400

Hi All,

I've just moved to Maine, and find my new town uses chloramine in the water supply. I haven't dealt with this before... I'm planning on setting up a small (10-12' diameter) swimming pool in the basement as a fish pond (yeah, understanding girlfriend!) and want to know how to remove the chloramine on the cheap.

Seems the way to treat the water is Sodium Thiosulfate? Can anyone verify the "Homemade Chlorine Neutralizer" instructions on Have better instructions?

If Sodium Thiosulfate is the way to go, where's the best/cheapest place to get it? In my experience, photo stores aren't a cheap place to get much of anything... or is that wrong?

All the info I see indicates that Sodium Thiosulfate is pretty benign as far as human health effects. Anything I'm missing?

Or... if I'm willing to let my water just sit with aeration for a week or two, will that do it? I'm seeing conflicting advice on how long it's going to take for the chloramine to dissipate out -- some things say a week, some thing simply say that it doesn't go away, period.

And... folks here all seem to agree that the quantity of ammonia released can be handled by bio filtration? I'd plan to fill the pool, treat the whole thing and run a biofilter for a week or so before adding fish, then do smaller water changes and treat accordingly. (Or should I pre-treat in a separate container?)

Thanks for the help,
Lewiston, ME
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