Re: NANFA-L-- Removing Chloramine - Sodium Thiosulfate? Source?
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> Hi All,


> I've just moved to Maine, and find my new town uses chloramine in the water
supply. I haven't dealt with this before... I'm planning on setting up a
small (10-12' diameter) swimming pool in the basement as a fish pond (yeah,
understanding girlfriend!) and want to know how to remove the chloramine on the
cheap. >>

I remove chloramine in two ways. For my large tanks and pools which contain
plants and fish I use sodium thiosulfate and the ammonia that is liberated is
less than 1 ppm and it is primarily in the ionized form because the pH is near
neutral. For 160 of my smaller tanks I use an inbline carbon filter with an
automatic partial replacement twice daily. The chloramine is totally removed by
the carbon and the amount, if it leaked through, would be less than 0.1 ppm
because I am replacing less than 10% of the water daily.

Lee Harper
Media PA
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