RE: NANFA-L-- What Happens When Fish Suck?

Irate Mormon (
Thu, 17 Aug 2006 23:39:01 -0500

I not unnerstan'. Most tongue in cheek stuff is wasted on me! I took this
test one time and I was told I was practical to a fault :-) But how does
this illuminate biological principles or help us understand how the food web
works? It's just knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and maybe 1/2 dozen
people on the planet probably read the paper AND understood the mathematics.

We already know what bass eat. Now we can predict whether a prey item of
size x moving on velocity vector y at distance z is likely be sucked into a
bass's mouth. WeeHaaa! And I helped pay for this...


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>Because it explains the biology of an organism of interest, explaining how
>food webs work at the retail level.

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