NANFA-L-- convention presentation schedule

Christopher Scharpf (
Sat, 19 Aug 2006 09:12:42 -0400

2006 NANFA Convention - Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Saturday, September 16

Robert Hrabik (Missouri Department of Conservation) Welcome, opening
remarks, and a primer on the fishes of southeastern Missouri.

Jeremy Tiemann (Illinois Natural History Survey)
Damn those dams - their effects on stream ecosystems.

Dr. Ray Bauer (Dept. of Biology, University of Louisiana at Lafayette) From
the river to the coast and back again: Reproduction migrations of the river
shrimp Macrhbrachim ohione.

Nick Lang (St. Louis University)
Hybridization in darters: Field observation, genetic investigation, and how
to play God in your home aquarium.

Aaron Schrey and Ed Heist (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)
Genetic discrimination of pallid and shovelnose sturgeons.

10:25 Break

Todd Crail (University of Toledo, OH)
A simple headwater sampling design for amateurs (that the professionals will
want to use too).

Chris Scharpf (NANFA, Baltimore, MD)
Rated NC-17: Madtom sex in the aquarium.

Dr. David Neely (St. Louis University), James E. Brooks, Hector Espinosa,
Francisco Garcia de Leon, Dean A. Hendrickson, Bernard R. Kuhajda, Richard
L. Mayden, David L. Propst, Joseph R. Tomelleri, and Alejandro Varela
Los Pecados Montanas: High elevation biodiversity in the Sierra
Madre Occidental of Mexico.

Dr. Phil Cochran, William Martin, and Bridgett Emmett (St. Mary9s
University, Winona, MN)
History fish: Time traveling with the lake sturgeon in the upper Midwest.

12:15 Lunch - (presentations resume at 1:45)

Brad Pobst (Missouri Dept. of Cons.) and Bruce Moyer (Univ. of Cent.
Population dynamics of grotto sculpin (Cottus carolinae) in Perry County,

Chris Kennedy (Missouri Dept. of Conservation)
The alligator gar in Missouri, facts and fiction.

Wayne Heaton (Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center)
Maintaining outside aquaria at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center

Dr. Ginny Adams (University of Central Arkansas)
Distribution and status of spring cavefish in Missouri.

Dr. Rex Strange (University of Southern Indiana)
Habitat affinities and visual systems in darters and other percid fishes.

Mike Bessert (University of Nebraska)
Only one haplotype left in Nebraska? Conservation genetics of the plains
topminnow (Fundulus sciadicus)

POSTERS - Authors available until approximately 5:00

* Todd Crail (University of Toledo, Ohio) and Jeff Grabarkiewicz
The Travellin' Fish Show.

* Jeremy S. Tiemann (Illinois Natural History Survey)
Reproductive behavior of Pimephales

* Dr. Douglas C. Novinger and John W. Calfee (Missouri Dept. of
Topeka shiners in Moniteau Creek: monitoring fish, habitat,
and water quality.

* Dr. Douglas C. Novinger and John W. Calfee (Missouri Dept. of
Monitoring Niangua darter populations, fish community, and habitat

* Dr. Douglas C. Novinger and John W. Calfee (Missouri Dept. of
Monitoring Neosho madtom populations, habitat, and fish community
relationships in the Spring River, MO.

* Brian Zimmerman (Bowling Green State University, Ohio)
Redside dace.

* Andrew Plauck (USFWS, Columbia, MO)
Trawling the big muddy - (video)
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