Re: NANFA-L-- newbie here...

Andrew Gunthorpe (
Sun, 20 Aug 2006 21:56:44 -0400

I have yet to post to the mailing list but I feel compelled to jump in
here. Please do NOT throw any fish back into your lake or stream. And
please do NOT dump your fish. Never release any fish you have taken from
the wild, and never release any captive-bred fish as well. You can use
several consumer available products (Amquel, Ammo-lock, etc) that will help
your fish when your tank is not yet cycled.

Andrew Gunthorpe
Northern Virginia

On 8/20/06, Carol Jackson <> wrote:
> Uh becky the fish you are keeping will be about 1 foot long and if your
> bluegill breed they will have to use the all the sandy side making your
> other fish crowded on one side
> also those fish eat ALOT.
> If I were you I would try to soften the water and throw in some salt(ask
> your local pet store for salt)
> When your fish start to breed just throw them back in a lake or stream
> If I where you I would dump your fish and start over because unless you
> cycled(puting in a single fish and let sit for 3-4 months)
> Or used lake water your fish will suffer
> also those fish need 100s of gallons of swiming room or will stunt(when
> fish are in a small body of water or overcrowded they stay small) they will
> do badly
> if you are willing to use your 75 set it up with sand bottom and only
> put in the bluegill.
> Fellow native newbie Robert Nichols Greenville South Carolina
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