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Peter Unmack (peter.lists-in-)
Sun, 20 Aug 2006 21:13:46 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006, Carol Jackson wrote:

> When your fish start to breed just throw them back in a lake or stream

We (NANFA) generally don't recommend that anyone releases fish back into
the wild once they have removed them. There are various reasons for this
(mostly disease related). Rather than have the whole debate again, I'd
suggest reading the archives if anyone is interested in the arguments.

> If I where you I would dump your fish and start over because unless you
> cycled (puting in a single fish and let sit for 3-4 months). Or used
> lake water your fish will suffer.

It is not that important to cycle freshwater aquariums. This is another
debate that we've had before. :-) Generally it is best to add some
gravel from an established tank, and to avoid heavy stocking or feeding if
everything in the tank is completely new. All of the species mentioned
though are quite tolerant of a variety of conditions (ie, they are not
especially sensitive to lower water quality).

> also those fish need 100s of gallons of swiming room or will stunt(when
> fish are in a small body of water or overcrowded they stay small) they
> will do badly.

It's not clear to me whether fish stunt just because they are in a smaller
water body, or there is simply a lack of food. Clearly, there is evidence
for both (how many fish outgrow their tanks, lots!).

Peter Unmack
Provo River, Utah
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