NANFA-L-- RE: Fish Suck?

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I understand all this - I'm curious to see some of the proposals that
DIDN'T make the cut. Did they get funded after being rewritten, perhaps
in a more creative manner?

And of course I understand that most folks could not afford to fund a
medical research project (f'rinstance) of any sort. But say it cost
1000 bucks or something, and you are about to ask for funds. Do you
want to know the answer badly enough to put your own money into the pot?
If not, then...PASS. It's very easy to be curious when somebody else is
paying for it. Or, like John McEnroe said when his career was clearly
waning, "Tennis is easy if you don't have anything else to concern
yourself with."


"He says there's no doubt about it, it was the myth of fingerprints.
I've seen them all and man, they're all the same." - Paul Simon
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>Let's talk about how government grants are allotted: There is not a
>giant buffoon tossing money willy-nilly to researchers
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