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Irate Mormon (
Mon, 21 Aug 2006 22:22:34 -0500

Dave,I understand why you feel the way you do. I did not expect any
academics to agree with me. Bombs, suction - it appears I have little
choice in the matter of how my money is spent.

Except for the 20 bucks I send NANFA :-) And a couple of other pet
causes that cross my path from time to time.


"He says there's no doubt about it, it was the myth of fingerprints.
I've seen them all and man, they're all the same." - Paul Simon
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>Irate, Mark's description was excellent. Your concerns are simply not
>very compelling. For one thing, all of us who are in the field work
>game have spent the kind of money you're talking about many times over
>as we go about our business. We DO spend our own money. But you talk
>as if the curiosity is ours alone, a private need to know that
>contributes nothing to the broader aims of science. You're wrong.
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