NANFA-L-- New AC & Convention T-Shirts
Wed, 23 Aug 2006 16:44:24 EDT

i just dropped off the 2nd batch of convention shirts at the post office.
looking at the calender i probably have enough time for one more shipment
before heading west to missouri. that way i know folks will recieve them before
departing for the show me state. i will take along any remaining shirts and
pass them to bob which at that point they will be first come, a first served
feeding frenzy. the only way to ensure you get the size you wear is to order
it now.

also the new american currents has an ad in it for the shirts so i will be
responding to those during the next week and few days.
( chris... )
i want to tell you that the color rocks on the new ac's. i love the contrast
between the beautiful darter colors and the parchment, off white of the
cover. very, very nice. classy even.
i like how the color is used on the inside as well, how the internal fish
pics accompanying ray's article and the antique print notice worked.
i enjoyed the articles too... that tate's hell thing sounds like quite an
adventure. i might be up for that. where do i sign up?

On the front, the great levithan, an Alligator Gar is
eyeing a Golden Topminnow for a quick snack. Also illustrated full length
across the shoulders is the massive gar printed in ol timey sepia tones.

The shirts are heavy weight 100% cotton and colored a sandy tan.
The are the same price as last year. $20 each ( $22.50 for XL or XXL ) and
$5 for shipping and packaging no matter how many shirts you order.

You can place your order and see the design at the website


or send your check to our treasurer listed in the front of each American

I did not order quite as many shirts this year because of the delays so if
you want to ensure you get a shirt of your size it would be best to order
now, asap.

I also have 3 medium and 5 large Arkansas 2005 Saddled Darter shirts left
from last year. The previous 2 years, Huntsville 03 and South Carolina 05
shirts are long gone, never to be reprinted. If anyone wants one of the
last remaining Arkansas shirts i can include it along w/ a Missouri shirt
for an
additional $15.

I'm excited about this year's convention and spoke with Bob H recently.
It will be offering an extra day, monday, of collecting at unique &
sites, canoe forays and a river barge excursion set up for grilling our
catches on the return trip.

:) just kidding about the grilled darters... im taking some steaks!
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