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Welaka T. Phishhed (
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 01:32:49 -0700 (PDT)

Here in the New Orleans area, Petcos are fairly decent in their treatment, presentation and knowledge of the animals and products that they sell. Petsmart (or as I like to refer to it..."Petstupid"), are no where near as knowledgeable. The staff has no idea what is going on. They cannot identify the easiest fish, even by comparing the fish in a tank with the picture posted directly below the tank.
I am also able to find supplies at the local Petcos and Wlamarts that I can't usually find at the LFS, of which there are very few left, (especially since Katrina). Internet commerce has almost all but obliterated them as well. I do try to deal with a couple of LFS, as much as possible, though. One problem is that they are more mainstream oriented and cater to "specialty" aquarists usually only on a special order basis. As someone stated, killi keepers have long learned the alternatives. My favorite, by far, is the dollar stores. Also, as per Chuck's suggestion, thrift shops and garage sales, can also offer quite a lot.

S.E. La. ... native fish collectors paradise !

Best Wishes !

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