Re: NANFA-L-- Photo Library

Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 22:40:19 -0400

I don't understand all the hullaballo over the proposed NANFA photo library.
The way I understand it, photographers are *donating* their photos with the
stipulation that the photos be used by NANFA members for non-profit
educational use only. Neither NANFA, or its volunteers, are working to help
these photographers sell their work. NANFA is simply acting as a go-between
between some very generous photographers and some members who can put their
photos to constructive use.

If the photos need to be password-protected because that's the way the
photographers want it, then fine. Any visitor to the Photo Library page can
see the list of photos. But only NANFA members with the password can
actually see the photos and download them. When NANFA members want to view
the photos, they can simply blip me -- or Tom or whomever -- for the
password, and we give it to them.

Chris Scharpf

"The meek shall inherit the earth -- but not the mineral rights."
      -- J. Paul Getty
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