Re: NANFA-L-- captive fish disease and cures?

Becky Kendell (
Mon, 28 Aug 2006 20:26:14 -0700 (PDT)

Well, from what everyone's saying it would be better to find out from experts?

So how do you all deal with problems the fish might have when you catch them? Obviously if I noticed anything wrong with the fish, I did not keep them, and if the hook did much damage to their mouths I didn't keep them either. But I did take home a really nice looking bluegill who didn't appear to have anything wrong with it when I caught it. But after I got it home I noticed it had cloudy eyes. I couldn't see this when looking at it out of the water I guess. I didn't want the others to get it, so I took it back out and put it in a 10 gal. I got some tetracyclene from the pet store, which said it treated the eye fungus. I have a filter and airstone running in the tank and a tube for the fish to hide in but no substrate as it is only a sick-tank. I put the tetracyclene powder in, the dosage for 10 gallons, and by the next day, the fungus was a little more clearer than it was. The instructions said to add another dose after 24 hours, but don't change any water yet.
I did that, and later, the water was so yellow and gross, it seemed to be stressing the fish. There was a layer of yellow foam on the surface of the water. I'm thinking this isn't the best way to treat the fish now, the fungus is still getting less, but the fish is stressed. Am I doing something wrong?

<<Obviously, the best approach is excellent husbandry which obviates the need for medicines. Many diseases are extremely difficult to treat in home aquaria.>>

But with native fish captured from the wild, no matter how careful you are to catch healthy fish, isn't it inevitable that the fish are going to have things in or on them that a healthy pet store fish wouldn't? Is there something extra you do to treat fish when you get them or something you do different with the tank?

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