Re: NANFA-L-- captive fish disease and cures?

Peter Unmack (peter.lists-in-)
Tue, 29 Aug 2006 00:07:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006, Becky Kendell wrote:

> So how do you all deal with problems the fish might have when you catch
> them?

In most places that I have dealt with natives I always treat them with
quick cure for white spot and anchors away for lernea, and for some
species we have to treat them with tetracyline or else they all die from
fin rot (some of the Notropis spp). I do this before I see symptons
(except maybe for lernea depending on if that area has a history of have
it). All of these problems are worse in the warmer months. Some of it
probably depends too on where you are collecting, but at least in Oklahoma
and Arizona the fish require treatment.

> I did that, and later, the water was so yellow and gross, it seemed to
> be stressing the fish. There was a layer of yellow foam on the surface
> of the water.

That's what tetracycline does. Isn't very pretty is it! We've keep fish
like that for about a week or so and they've always done just fine. I
doubt what you have is eye fungus, since an antibacterial product doesn't
affect fungus. Are they eyes cloudy, or is there fluffy stuff? If the
former then it's bacterial and you are probably doing as good as you can.

Peter Unmack

PS: yes Martin, they are all going to die ... we know.
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