NANFA-L-- Feeding Crappie

Subject: NANFA-L-- Feeding Crappie
From: Kudzu (
Date: Fri Dec 10 2004 - 13:54:10 CST

Well, looks like I have black crappie. Best I can tell anyway. So far the
three bluegill in there with them have just started to take some freeze
dried brine shrimp I had. It's in clumps. I placed in in the tank and it
floats. I aimed the power head to agitate the surface and circulate the food
around. It tends to break up the clumps and then forces it through the
water. Didn't take the BG long to grab it as it came by. Before long they
were coming to the surface too.

The crappie just sit there and watch it bounce off their noses. I guess I
will go get some feeder fish tonight and see if they will take these.
Thought I might feed the sunnies real good first so the Crappie have a
better chance.

What kind of live foods do you think they would take? I would like to try
something I can raise myself and not have to buy feeder fish. Besides my
wife will hate me feeding feeder fish. I might see if I locate some worms.
But I have my doubts the bait shops have any this time of the year. Was
thinking if they would take them maybe I could raise some gridal worms or
earth worms.

Jeff <*\\><
The sun is shining in the soggy south.

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