NANFA-L-- cyprinid or other for 46 gallon BF

Subject: NANFA-L-- cyprinid or other for 46 gallon BF
From: Joseph S. (
Date: Fri Dec 10 2004 - 21:37:54 CST

I've attached a photo of the tank in question. This tank is currently
> slow flowing, and varies from 60-75 degrees. I could modify it to form
> a river tank rather easily with some layout changes.
> The other tankmates in here would be montezumae swordtails and a pair
> of blue gularis. I'm thinking of adding some kind of cyprinid or
> possibly darter. Whatever it is should be prolific, flashy, small,
> bold, and have interesting behaviors to boot. I would be willing to
> sacrifice color for behavior to a certain extent. It should stand out
> amongst the montezumae swords. A bold horizontal stripe, dark body, or
> brightly colored fins would be particularly fitting for that. It
> shouldn't be dangerous to small fry that the montezumaes produce.
> Something that spends a lot of time near the bottom would be best.
> Whatever it is should also be easy enough to acquire and not require
> an arm and a leg to get ahold of. Also, whatever it is should be easy enough to feed as the monties are fast feeders. So far cyprinids seem to fill the bill best. I would appreciate suggestions.
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