Re: NANFA-L-- brindled madtoms in winter

Subject: Re: NANFA-L-- brindled madtoms in winter
From: Todd D. Crail (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Date: Fri Dec 10 2004 - 21:09:18 CST

The Upper Blanchard is in pretty good shape. Although I can take you to a trashed ditch where in two samples we're-in-23 species (21-in-each) in 100 yards of mud, all of which are HUGE specimens, and the biomass is insane (5-10 lbs of fish PER seine haul!). It's an anomoly that needs studied, that's for sure. Mud riffles and the whole nine, but they all seem to be doing just fine.

The Upper Auglaize is in decent shape too, but it gets into trouble pretty quick until it gets on the moraine gradients. Then it's nice in those areas. Really, this is what it is for all the Maumee Tribs. I mean you can get sculpin, dusky darters, pirate perch (allegedly) and lamprey in the St. Joseph headwaters.

Anyway, on the Blanchard... Orangethroats, tadpole madtoms, brindled madtoms, redfin shiners by the pound (which I think it's time to go get some of those hmm), northern longear. I'm trying to think what else would be novel... Oh well. That's a good list, no?

And it's nice getting brindled here because you don't have to get tommed trying to figure out if you got a northern or mountain madtom. That alone has huge points in my book, since I always seem to be the idiot who gets hit ;)

Oh and I've also found a single relict fabilis in the mainstem. I need to explore further upstream. Cavender had said it only gets better south of "The Bend".

If we I can't get down thataway, you're always welcome up thisaway :) That's a quick trip for me.

And that's an open invite for anyone. I'm not big on shipping fish, but I'll put you on 'em :)

Well so long as the ice doesn't get in the way...

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  In the Blanchard are you or can you get brindles year round? Are you getting them in the riffles? I always thought the Blanchard was a silt laden agriculture stream....kinda like the Auglaze. That is based on limited exposure about 15 years ago. Although I know one of those streams up there has Villosa fabilis .... Sounds like I need to head up to northwestern Ohio. You had me wondering about them northern longear. Now brindleds.


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