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Subject: RE: RE: NANFA-L-- crappie feeding
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Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 06:28:10 CST

After further review and finding better identification info, to include what
the professor had said, I have come to find they are just a sunfish of some
kind. The fin appears to be more steamlined than it is high, and it starts
right behind the head as opposed to further back on the body. Also the
larges one of them has started getting some color in him, although it is
very faint he/she has little zebra strips starting-in-the top of his back
and going down. I don't think that I saw anything that said that a crappie
would have these even as babies. Not saying that they wouldn't or couldn't
but I didn't read anything on it.

As far as food goes I got a jar full of water from a near by canal, not the
same place that I got the fish, and there were more rotifers in there than I
think I could ever raise. So into the tank they went and when I looked at
the fish this morning well they looked like they had ol jolley saint nick's

Question on the rotifers, How long will they stay around as the water gets
colder here. Last night was the coldest night we have had this winter and I
want to be able to continue to get these little guys for now. Up until last
couple of days it has been in the mid to upper 60's during the day and even
the minnows that are scattered about in the canal were very active.
Yesterday they seemed to be less active but still there. Will this colder
weather drive all the life in the canal to the bottom or to the deeper parts
of the canal. If so what is the best way to raise bilions of rotifers (lol).
It just looked like that many when I got them. I tried to do this once
before but in a small goldfish bowl, and they died out really fast. I had an
air stone with very little air going through it, just enough to make the
water move a bit, and keeped a peice of lettuce (fresh each day) hanging in
there with them. Is there a better way and if so how fast can I grow them.
They would be a great source of food for my other babies (non natives) that
I have.

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If the sunfish are truly small, only 1-2 cm, then try rich, green water for
them, especially if you can be sure it is thick with rotifers, and maybe get
some Daphnia. But they should learn to take flake food unless they are
crappie. You should be able to tell if they are crappie, actually. The
dorsal fin is higher than on Lepomis, and is set farther back on the body,
its origin being-in-or slightly behind the deepest part of the body, whereas
on Lepomis it is in front of the deepest part of the body. Actually, I've
had crappie that learned to take flake food, but lots of people are saying
otherwise, and so it must not be a guarantee.


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