NANFA-L-- Fishes from 2003 Convention

Subject: NANFA-L-- Fishes from 2003 Convention
From: Bill Flowers (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 09:10:45 CST

  I thought I would let everyone know how some of the fish from the
convention are doing up here in Indiana. My son Shawn and I went on the
Charleston collecting and really enjoyed it.
    The Cyprinidon variegatus are spawning. I have raised three fry up
to full grown and so gave the original pair to a friend to breed. I kept
the three fry which was one male and two females. I put two them into a
tank with two more wild caught females and now I am getting roughly 8 -
10 eggs a day. I have about 20 - 30 fry that are growing up now with
more eggs hatching. I hope to spread these fish around the area to
different aquarist now.
    Out of the 6 -8 Luciana goodei that I brought back only a pair
survived but I now have several fry from them. I hope to breed them and
maybe get them passed around also. For some reason they were a little
harder to get to breed but once the fry become full grown I am hoping
they will be a little easier to breed since they will be tank raised.
     Out of the Mummichogs that we collected in the mudhole only three
survived. I haven't really paid attention to them to see if I have a
pair yet. I do know they will eat about anything that will hit the
water. Will probably look into breeding them after the new year.
     The Coastal shiners are doing real well. I think they have bred in
the community tank a few times because every now and then some of them
will get red on the bellies and start chasing each other. Have to look
into them more also.
    Just another note on the Tippecanoe colllecting trip last spring.
Shawn, my youngest boy, kept a small Stonecat. Well it isn't small
anymore. Infact Shawn keeps it with his pickerel. The Stonecat has a
cave he hides in during the day and comes out-in-night. We fed the
pickerel some feeder goldfish one day and set back to watch him stalk
and eat the fish. As one of the goldfish swam in front of the Stonecat's
cave it just disappeared. It looked like the goldfish had swam into a
black hole. We never saw the Stonecat come out so he must have some good
suction to pull a fish in.

  Well that is about it. Just thought I would let you know that the fish
we brought back are actually doing well.

 Hope everyone has a safe and holidays. And looking forward to the next

Bill and Shawn Flowers

P.S. Just after I sent the email i realized that I hadn't updated my
address book with the new list address.


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