RE: NANFA-L-- So much for education...

Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- So much for education...
From: Bruce Stallsmith (
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 23:05:05 CST

Jim, before you get completely righteous, you should consider that Chris was
kinda dryly bouncing off of Trey's cageyness about an alleged website
offering all knowledge to all comers. What website -- who knows? That was
the whole premise. Subtlety really doesn't work well through e-mail. . .

I vote for sticking with NatureServe. And as for calling nongame biologists
at state agencies, they're rarely in their offices so you should plan on
receiving a callback.

--Bruce Stallsmith
If you ask me, I'll tell you about the Tennessee and tribs
Huntsville, AL, US of A

>From: James Smith <>
>To: NANFA <>
>Subject: NANFA-L-- So much for education...
>Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 22:34:35 -0500
>I really think many of you just need to get over yourselves. I mean
>you do realize that anyone who wants to know where a certain fish is
>can just call the appropriate state agency and ask them? Do you really
>think they go around shocking everything and filling out survey forms
>for nothing?
>Honestly, what kind of organization that is supposed to promote North
>American fish would tell people they were on their own finding a site
>that tells you where to find the same fish? I have to say I'm glad
>that not everyone shares the same high horse ideas or all North
>American fish could just as well be written off. Don't you stop to
>think about the chance that maybe somewhere some kid is turning to
>this list as a resource because something sparked their interest? What
>kind of message does "It's available via search engines" send?
>I have a membership check sitting here that was going to be mailed in
>once my paycheck cleared, but this whole topic has left such a bad
>taste in my mouth that I've decided to tear it up and give the money
>to an educational program instead. I was rather looking forward to the
>newsletter too.
>Happy New Year,

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