NANFA-L-- Well, here it is, then

Subject: NANFA-L-- Well, here it is, then
From: Mysteryman (
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 02:06:56 CST

Good grief, I didn't think this was going to stir up so much trouble.
However, since most of you seem to want it, and since Wally already
found it anyway, here it is:

The address is:

Here's how to use it:

1-- go to the main page

2-- in the search boxes-in-the bottom, type in the name of the species

you seek, and don't forget to make sure all the little circles and boxes

are set for the correct search parameters.

3-- hit Search

4-- if it asks you if you want to repost form data, say yes

5-- go to the bottom of the page

6-- look where it says "retrieve biological records..."

7-- Click the blue link with the number of records

8-- next page, look on the right side for the green symbols of arrows

and plus signs

9-- Click on the plus sign under lat/long that you want to see. If you

look on the left, you will see that each row is the data provided from a

different source. if you click in the "All" column you will get both

coordinates and text, plus a bunch of entries which are useless, which

is why you click in the lat/long column instead to weed out the useless

entries. the bottom lat/long plus sign will give you all the total

useful entries from all the sources.

10- Next page, there they are. Just click on a blue text link describing

a location, and the next page you get will be a zoom-able map to that

exact spot. You can use the dates of the records on the left to see

which are old or recent.

Man, this thing is SWEET! It's still fairly new and doesn't have as many

records as it should, and eventually will have someday, but it's pretty

handy so far.

My apologies for having confused you guys with those NFC environazis who
think that only invasive exotics should be collected.
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