NANFA-L-- Rampant Cottony Fungi
Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:47:47 EST

My Florida tank is slowly getting wiped out.
I'm not sure of the cause but i suspect i have too many fish and plants...
having brought inside a lot of my pond fish. I have probably doubled the
"limit" of one inch of fish per gallon though they are all generally small fish.
I removed most of the floating surface plants ( water lettuce and hycenth )
and trimmed back most of the long val to a couple inches above the substrate
2 weeks ago. So far i've removed over a dozen fish that have growths of the
dreaded cotton on their bodies.
This 55 gallon tank has Golden, Starhead and Banded Topminnows, Bluefin and
Least Killies, Flagfish, Swamp Darters, Sailfin Shiners and Pygmy Sunfish. It
has generally been very healthy... but i cant seem to halt this current
problem. Just this morning i found another small starhead with growths erupting
from its side.
Hornwort, Jave Fern and Moss, Anubis, Millfoil and Water Sprite also
compliment the plants. It is a lush tank.
In attempted treatment i removed the first group of infected fish and put
them into water treated with a teaspoon per gallon of salt for several days...
with no results. I also added a bit of rock salt to the main tank... but not
much for concern of killing the plants.
What more can i do?
and once a fish gets this growth of cotton fungi can it be saved?

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