RE: NANFA-L-- Chrosomus firing up

Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Fri, 2 Dec 2005 19:55:57 -0500

Thanks for responding Gerald. I was quickly looking-in-this thread:

I guess I caught all the "bad news" from the thread and missed Klaus' success.
I'm glad to know this won't exactly mean terminal if they keep gettin' in the

I was prepared either way to turn it into good news for a trip. I'm still
ticked that I had to miss the Convention and never set foot in the Emory or
Buffalo Rivers (paid for a divorce on a grad stipend instead), and then got my
trip to nab some bluebreasts in Kentucky-in-Thanksgiving canned due to a nasty

But... I have planned a perfect route for a mid winter spontaneous trip where
the Weather Channel and the USGS Stream Flow sites say "GO MAN! GO!"....

I mean what else can you do after a day like this:

The ditch was-in-1.3 C! I hope they're still flowing tomorrow so I can finish
the sample.

So. I'm gonna abduct another of the finishing grad students (I dunno if
Jeffro can be this spontaneous) and zip down I-65 and head through Nashville
to I-24 down to Manchester and Shelbyville for some Duck River action. Mmmmmm
rosyside dace, redband, redline, blenny and saffron darter. Stop in
Huntsville to say hi to Prez and First Lady Ruth... Boogie on down to that
Hatchet Creek / Swamp Creek site we flurried through last January (Maybe a
side trip to Centreville if things do knock off).

Now, I haven't done the Conasauga yet, and I know the Little River is
_amazing_ for scenery (we'll snorkel it next year when it warms up El

But with all the places we stopped during the spring fling and this near empty
75 gallon SE US tank going up... I just dont know if there's anywhere else in
the watershed that can beat that system, despite it's abundant spontaneous
roadside "landfills". At the confluence of Hatchet and Swamp Creek we were
using tricolor and Alabama shiners for bait (trying to catch southern walleye)
because there wasn't anything else to use beside burrheads lol. That's sick!

We got blacktail sucker, river and rock darter and lots of greenbreast and
bronze darter. I was really disappointed to not get any bronze on our trip
this spring since I lost them in Tank Overheat Version 1.0.... And we didn't
even work the nice riffles midstream up toward Sylacauga, so who knows what we
were overlooking. Oh man and that riffle and run on US 231. If you're ever
in the neighborhood (Between Birmingham and Montgomery), I highly suggest
stopping-in-these sites. Parking is great and the fish are beautiful.

Hmmm... Now to plan the trip for the remaining Hydrophlox Honeys up the Blue
Ridge for May or June.... Ohhh and those turquoise darter and fiery black
shiner I had to put back-in-the '04 Convention. Yeah. Maybe that'll be
February's trip.


Ice Madness! Toledo, OH
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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