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used to live in a little town called Dunn, in North Carolina, far, FAR
away from the coast. There was a little pond in the woods about half the
size of my house, and it had eels aplenty in it. I have no idea how they
could have gotten there or survived over generations. It's not like they
could have returned to the sea for spawning or anything. I guess they
don't have to?

During wet weather eels can crawl from rivers to ponds quite far away from
anything connected to the ocean. The ones in your pond didn't survive over
generations or reproduce. they just crawled overland during wet weather to
infest the pond. I keep hearing about how eels are becoming endangered and while I
don't doubt the bad news around here they are common as mud and inhabit
almost every body of water. BTW I've been through Dunn many times on my way to WV.

Michael Hissom (AKA Moon)
Lower Cape Fear River, Waccamaw Lake and river system, and coastal salt
water and brackish water estuaries in the same location. (South Eastern North
I have access to the only natural Ocean Shore Rock out cropping in Coastal NC
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