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Sun, 11 Dec 2005 20:35:15 -0800 (PST)

The females are kept by the breeders on the guppies
as the females are bred before the fish are seperated
and the sperm last upto 5 births of fry. So the
breeder select one male to about 20 females for the
next generation. That is how I bred them in pools
during the summer months. There are still extra
females which are either mixed in with the feeder
guppies and sold or fed to other fish that the breeder

Later, John

> When I worked in an aquarium shop in the early
> 1970s, guppies were sold in
> pairs or trios, and most customers expressed some
> level of interest in
> breeding them. I know that younger hobbyists are
> still fascinated by fish
> they can breed and by the appearance of the young
> relative to that of the
> parents.
> I just assumed that most people who bought guppies
> wanted to keep them in
> something like a natural group even if they didn't
> want to bother raising the
> baby fish.
> So what happens to all these uncolorful females ?
> - Jan Hoover

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