Re: NANFA-L-- OT: Sales of Males

Mysteryman (
Mon, 12 Dec 2005 07:05:38 -0800

Crail, Todd wrote:

>From: on behalf of Irate Mormon
> Now THAT would be good
>merchandising - you sell two or three fish instead of just one. Like
>saying 2/$1 instead of 50 cents (this really works, BTW).
>I could buy that, if you could convince me the box stores were actually
>_interested_ in the fish as merchandise (or even as an animal) or for any
>other purpose than a marketing expense for the dry goods, which are something
>they understand the merchandizing for. Look-in-the tank floor space to dry
>good floor space in any box store, and then compare that to a really good,
>locally owned fish shop. Even-in-the big places that are outcrops from box
>stores like Aquarium Adventure (Petsmart), they still have the floor space
>heavy on the dry goods.
Ther's such a thing as a bigbox aquarium store now?
Ah, crap! We're boned.

I had that idea once before, as some of you may remember, but somehow I
very seriously doubt that the Petsmart people are going to be able to
make it work the way it should. To refer back to something Irate said,
almost everything Petsmart does is against it's own interests. Those
morons just don't seem to have a clue, and now I fear they're going to
drive the last nails into the industry with this new project. The
independent stores-in-least had something resembling a fighting chance
until now, based upon Petsmart's crappy selection, but now it's all over
fer shure. It's really a shame that they can't see the downward death
spiral they're causing.
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