RE: NANFA-L-- OT: Sales of Males

Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Mon, 12 Dec 2005 19:46:53 -0600

Bob wrote:
>>>Jan you were worried about being off topic. You generated more responses
then I have seen on any topic in a while.<<<

Apparently, the sale of male-only fish touches on a lot of issues important
to aquarists, like the philosophy (and ethics and value) of keeping isolated
males, historical trends in fish availability, and the economic realities of
selling fish singly and in groups.

Personally, I think its kind of sad that beautiful and interesting fish are
marketed in such a way that it is impossible (or very difficult) for
hobbyists to match them up with their female counterparts (whether they plan
to breed them or not).

I agree with Martin that marketing pairs and trios of fish shouldn't be all
that difficult. It wasn't back in the 1970s when I worked-in-an aquarium
store....but as several people have suggested....the average modern consumer
may view fish very differently now. They may not want to keep them in
groups, and they may not want to breed their own fish. They may be little
interest in maintaining or preserving strains...including "natural" strains.

The aquarium hobby may suffer for that. When is the last time that you saw
beautiful green sailfin mollies for sale...or green swordtails?

- Jan Hoover
Vicksburg, MS
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