Re: NANFA-L-- central mudminnow gravel consumption

Jerry Baker (
Thu, 15 Dec 2005 14:33:01 -0800

Bruce Stallsmith wrote:
> Your point's well-taken about inferring the color acuity of fish vision
> merely from the fact that fishes themselves are often colored. But they
> definitely perceive colors and react to them. The retina of a fish
> contains rod and cone cells similar to ours to respond to light, shapes
> and colors. Most temperate freshwater teleosts have three cone pigments
> that absorb light maximally-in-about 455, 530, and 625 nanometers, or
> blue, green and orange/red (referenced in "Fishes, An Introduction to
> Ichthyology," 3rd ed., by Moyle and Cech). So 'twould appear that they
> have the biochemical apparatus (and neuronal apparatus) to perceive
> color in some form roughly like ourselves.

Now, that's what I call plausible evidence =)
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