NANFA-L-- Re: Colorblindness (was: central mudminnow gravel consumption)

Jerry Baker (
Thu, 15 Dec 2005 14:52:14 -0800 wrote:
> Does it matter? However, if you cannot tell red from green, that is a problem,
> no matter how you actually perceive it. Fish can distinguish one color from
> another, however they perceive it.

It is a real problem for about 1 in 8 males. Red/green colorblindness
does not mean the total inability to differentiate red and green. It is
the result of having the red cones and green cones peak sensitivities
closer together on the spectrum than normal. The result is that red and
green are perceived as similar colors much the same way that "regular"
people might disagree on whether something is light purple or blue.

The interesting, and frustrating, thing that you notice when you are
colorblind is that zero effort is made by society to accommodate the
condition. We spend billions of dollars making ramps for handicapped
people, installing audible alerts-in-crosswalks for blind people,
closed-captioning for deaf people, and exactly jack for colorblind
people. Good luck finding clothes with the color printed anywhere on the
tag, or battery chargers that *don't* use red/green LEDs to indicate
charge state, and the amount of software and print material that use red
and green to color code information is astounding. It's depressing that
a tiny modicum of thought and literally a few cents could make life so
much easier for colorblind people, and yet no one does anything.

Sorry for the rant. Just a sore spot. I'll get off the soapbox.
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