Re: NANFA-L-- color vision testing

Jerry Baker (
Thu, 15 Dec 2005 22:00:53 -0800

Mysteryman wrote:
> After that the test taker moves on to the other samples in the series
> which use different base colors like orange & blue, tan & cream,
> mushroom & taupe, maroon & vermillion, yellow & red, red & green, purple
> & green, and so forth; there are a dozen of these series. Some measure
> differences in very dissimilar colors, and some measure acuity within a
> more narrow spectrum, like blue to purple.

The funny thing is that colorblind people are more attuned to subtle
differences in shade. It's precisely the reason that the principle
behind military camouflage is a mystery to colorblind kids (they can't
figure out why everyone says it makes people hard to see when it does no
such thing). So if you want someone who can spot the difference between
two slightly different shades of the same color, then you want a
colorblind person. If you want to detect actual shifts in color, then
you don't want a colorblind person.
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