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Not trying to be difficult, but just pointing out that we cannot infer
the ability to differentiate colors on the basis of coloration.

I would think it depends on whether or not the color is important to the
animal involved. True bees do indeed see in the UV and we do not but seeing in
the UV is important to a bee but not to us. If a fish has a mating color then I
would think it would be safe to assume the fish can see that color-in-least.
On the other hand many deep sea fish are bright red when brought to the
surface but in the deep sea there is no red light and so no red color. Red is
perceived as black and so would be a good camouflage color. If any of you scuba
dive you know that blood is green if you are under about 30 feet of water.
I'm not sure we can say what color another creature sees but we can predict if
a certain color is important by the color of the fish but how the fish
perceives that color could be beyond our perception.

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