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mike whitfield (
Mon, 26 Dec 2005 01:49:27 -0500

I've wondered about this. Pikeville, TN has (or had) its traffic signals
hung sideways. If the signal is either red or green and you're not familiar
with the town, red/green colorblindness leaves you totally unable to tell
red from green.

I had a largemouth bass that often scopped up enough gravel when eating
minnows to sink him like a rock. Gradually he would regurgitate gravel,
never a minnow, until he regained his ability to suspend. Never seemed to
hurt or frighten him.

Mike Whitfield

"My plans for world domination have encountered a momentary setback. Talk
amongst yourselves." -Bucky D. Katt

"Little children who could neither walk nor talk were running about in the
streets cursing their maker." - Sir Boyle Roche

> It is a real problem for about 1 in 8 males. Red/green colorblindness
> does not mean the total inability to differentiate red and green. It is
> the result of having the red cones and green cones peak sensitivities
> closer together on the spectrum than normal. The result is that red and
> green are perceived as similar colors much the same way that "regular"
> people might disagree on whether something is light purple or blue.
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