Re: NANFA-L-- least killifish

Mysteryman (
Thu, 29 Dec 2005 08:17:43 -0800 wrote:

>I just found a least killifish with a bight dorsal fin instead of black like
>all the rest. Has anyone else seen any like this? Do you think I could breed
>the strain it is very pretty.
Bright what? orange? red? yellow? Yeah, I've seen some of those on Aquabid.
Anyway, yes, you probably can fix the color in a strain without much
effort. Just cross it with it's own children to get 50% colored. (
assuming normal mendellian single-allele genetics are in play. If not,
then the yield can be much smaller, but crossing with it's grandchildren
should do the trick )
It's first batch of children will most likely look normal, but will
still be heterozygous for color. Crossing these children back to the
colored one will double up the color genes, resulting in colored fish.
Strains frequently skip a generation or two before reappearing if the
desired trait is recessive, but crossing those resulting few colored
fish together fixes the trait very quickly. I guess you probably already
knew that, but since you asked...
Of course, the tricky part is keeping this colored fish alive long
enough to mate with it's own children. I hope it's a male, since that
will save you a lot of hassle resulting from livebearer sperm storage
plus the added quirk of superfoetation found in Heterandria.

If you look around the collection site you might find some more, which
would save you a lot of time & trouble. Even if you don't find more
colored ones in the same immediate area, the odds are good that you'll
still find siblings which can likewise be a big help.
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