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<< I know microworms, but what are walterworms?

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The Walter Worms were from Helmut Walter, of Germany, who gave them to
us-in-the May 2002 BAKA meeting (see news minutes of
5/18/02 meeting). Then they were given to AKA members from many
different parts of the country-in-the May 2002 AKA convention, so that they
would be immediately and widely circulated.

They are totally different -- also called mini-mikro worms by Herr Walter,
they are supposedly a bit smaller than microworms and live longer under water.
The jury is still out on those claims, but I think Don Greig has studied them a
bit and could find no distinguishing feature from microworms. I'll let him
correct that statement, as he sees fit. :-)


Lee Harper
Media, PA USA
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