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I could watch several of the male blackbandeds making and guarding nest in fairly open areas. I also saw the welaka congregating around one of the nests-in-times but wasn't sure whether they were eating sunfish eggs or spawning. You're right about the sight feeding thing. During warm weather I set two pine planks (~6"x10"x1/2") on top of a termite colony and every other day I would clack the two boards together over the pond. Those little blackbandeds were instantly there and sounded like popcorn popping as they ate the termites. It's amazing to watch them ease up underneath a termite then BAM, or knock a termite off a Nymphoides pad to get it.

Maybe I'll give the O-spots a try this year.

Chip (in SC)
Saluda/Congaree/Santee drainage

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Chip, blackbandeds are incredible sight feeders. I don't worry about mosquito larvae making it out of their tank. You might have had welakas for a short time and not realized it. I wouldn't leave any tiny fry around blackbandeds.

One other thing--blackbandeds are very secretive nesters. They'll usually nest in deep cover, where they can't be seen. (The welakas might not be able to find the nests.) If I were trying to breed them, I'd set up a 55 with either some longears or maybe some O-spots.)
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