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Scott Davis (
Tue, 21 Feb 2006 07:56:18 -0800 (PST)

I'm sure it is not the only book in the field, but
By Glenn L. Hoffman is a pretty comprehensive start.
The Hardbound edition, published-in-$99.95 about eight
years ago, it is now being offered for $14.95. Chris S
or one of the other NANFA folks made mention of this
here perhaps two years ago. Its 500+ pages catalog the
diseases of N.A. fishes, discusses treatment and lists
some of the parasites found in different species.
While that list is bound to be expanded, it is food
for thought. Don't know whether Dr. Hoffman will again
interrupt his retirement to produce a third revised
edition or not.

Fish parasites found in or on other animals and exotic
parasites are also discussed. Diagrams and a small
selection of color plates will increase one's
understanding of those wee beasties. Ornamental,
tropical and brackish to marine fish parasites are
also touched upon. Certainly that list doesn't include
all of the cases of parasites associated with aquarium

The text is no where near my old academic interests
and it isn't a casual read, but both as a N.A. fish
buff and as an aquarist, you will find it useful. (If
I can learn from it, you certainly can too.) It is one
of those works you go back to and grow with over time,
as questions arise.

If there is interest, I would order it fairly soon. It
has been offered for some time now and such books have
an annoying habit of selling out just as one finally
decides to put in an order.

Hamilton Books is a book renderer (I really hate that
term) which clears out books or editions going out of
print. Go to
and search for fish. That way you get a chance to skim
several other interesting titles while getting to the
Parasites title.

Hamilton Books has been very obliging the few times I
have ordered from them. Shipping is quite reasonable

All the best!

--- Mysteryman <> wrote:

> Michael Lucas wrote:
> >I'm looking for some recommendations for books on
> parasites and fish
> >diseases for native fish enthusiasts.
> >Mike Lucas
> >
> >
> By that do you mean books with a focus on North
> American fish diseases?
> I'd like a book like that myself!
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