RE: NANFA-L-- Speckled Dace - Where Oh Where

Irate Mormon (
Sat, 25 Feb 2006 18:56:31 -0600

If you say "I don't" or "I can't" or "They won't", you end up jaded and
hopeless like a certain Irate man who'd rather just say "you'll probably
instead of determining if you will or won't. But we all know he's just
die ;)

Ah, but you're assuming the bureaucrats are interested in something
besides perpetuating the bureaucracy. You academics are SO naove - you
have such naove and simple ways :-) It's that 2nd childhood thing, I
guess. The government-sponsored bureaucracy sprouts roadblocks like
Hydra's heads. You can't outstubborn them, and you sure as hell can't
reason with 'em. So the idea is, you don't go though them, you go
around 'em. I like to call this meta-conservation. It works a lot like
meta-mathematics. Gvdel's incompleteness theorem states (and I
paraphrase) that within any formal system (a set of rules, that is),
there are conclusions which cannot be reached by following those rules.
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