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Bob Muller (
Sat, 29 Jan 2005 16:16:54 -0500

Just back from the sampling. The NANFA Michigan chapter has partnered with
the Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC). We are going to be doing fish
surveys of all the small creeks and stream helping them gain data to
convince the DNR to designate the Clinton a cold-water river. This
designation in Michigan mean a Trout stream and the DNR pay a lot more
attention to that type of river. The Clinton flows through the northern
suburbs of Detroit with 1.5 million people living along it. One of the
Clintons main tributaries, Paint creek has the cold water designation for
the last few years. This is a double-edged sword though. Once a cold-water
stream we will no longer be able to collect with nets and Steel head are
stocked. A personal belief is the brown, rainbow trout and salmon are just
as invasive as the round gobies, but a cold-water designation will help save
the river. The CRWC had their annual stone fly survey today Philip Kukulski
and myself were the NANFA members present. This is the first time we have
taken part in this and a lot of time was spent explaining about the darters
that were caught. There was lots of interest in those darters. Lots of
stoneflies, caddis flies scuds, isopods and the first water penny I have
ever seen were collected. We were working several locations of Stony creek
and rainbow, fantail, Johnny, Iowa darters, common shiner, creek chub and
rock bass were netted. The rainbows are in full color. It was in the
twenties and we had t break shelf ice to get in the creeks. Boy your hand
get cold working in that water.

Bob Muller
Red Run (the Ghost River of Royal Oak)
A tributary of the Clinton River

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