Re: NANFA-L-- Car talk banned? Now eco rantings
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BTW, do most of you guys realize that data in recent years suggest that
the minimum size requirements for both commercial and sports harvest
seem to be promoting smaller sized populations and smaller size-in-
maturity among targeted species?

I've read that in Canada,-in-least in some places keeping a fish is limited
to fish above and below a certain size. Supposed to keep the fishing pressure
from selecting for small fish. Is this what you are referring to? Makes sense
to me, selection in nature doesn't have to be natural, humans can influence
evolution sometimes in very startling ways. I remember reading about a crab
that looks like it has a picture of a stylized samurai warrior on it's
carapace. It seems that the crab originally only vaguely looked that way but by
throwing back any crab that looked more like the stylized face of a warrior and
keeping those that didn't look so much like a face Japanese fishermen
inadvertently selected for crabs that looked more and more like the samurai. If I
remember correctly it was a local phenomenon in one large bay. Crabs from
outside the bay retained only a vague resemblance to a face on their backs.

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