NANFA-L-- Introduction--clean streams in Eastern Kentucky?

Ben Dattilo (
Sun, 8 Jan 2006 11:46:03 -0500


I am new to the list and have been "lurking" for a week or so and thought I might introduce myself and venture a question. By way of introduction, I am a professor of Geology (a paleontologist) just moved to Alice Lloyd College in eastern Kentucky. Keeping native fish was a childhood hobby and, having moved from Utah where it is illegal to take ANYthing alive from the water, I can finally pick the hobby back up. While I am ok-in-keeping fish, I am more of a novice-in-fish catching and watching. Professionally, I am not an ichthyologist in any way, though I am contemplating describing a fossil (Miocene) fundulid from the Nevada Test Site (I am thinking a good name would be Fundulus radioferens?--BTW are any of you potential coauthors with skill-in-fundulid skeletal anatomy?).

I have spent a few days scouting around the area, which is situated between Hazard, Whitesburg, and Pikevill Kentucky. I Found a few rainbow darters, Northern Hogsuckers, creek chubs, and a single minnow species that I am having trouble identifying. In general the streams are bad smelling (essence du septic tank) and contain rather more muddy sediment than I would expect (probably from coal mines). besides exhaustive field scouting, does anyone have any suggestions for locating clean streams within a few hours (on a kentucky fishing lisence) where high fish diversity could be expected and where a person would not fear to snorkel?

--Ben Dattilo
Alice Lloyd College
100 Purpose Road
Pippa Passes, KY 41844
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