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Thought this might be of interest here:

>Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 07:54:50 -0500
>From: "O'Neil, Keri" National Aquarium
>To: "Jonah's Aquarium" <>
>We use Panacur/Fenbendazole as a prophylactic treatment for gut
>nematodes. It is fed in a gel food. We have seen extreme
>sensitivities to this drug in the following species:
>Any Ictalurid catfish (madtoms, bullheads)
>Any Catostomid (hogsuckers, creek chubsuckers)
>Darters if the food is consumed well (greensides and fantails most
>sensitive that we have seen, may just be getting an overdose by
>eating too much of the food that has fallen to the bottom)
>We are looking to put together some sort of paper on this, as this
>drug is widely used in agriculture and can be found in soils. Right
>now I just need to convince our vet staff that the risk of gut
>nematodes is just not great enough to treat stream fishes with this
>drug, unless we see a nematode problem on a necropsy. Anyways, I
>recommend to avoid it if you ever come across the need for it. It
>is most definetely 100% toxic to hogsuckers, madtoms, and bullheads.

Conejo Creek drainage
California USA


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