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Mike Haren (
Sun, 22 Jan 2006 00:46:23 -0500

On Jan 21, 2006,-in-4:10 PM, wrote:
"So far as ostensibly collecting fish for bait, then selling them into
the aquarium trade ..... Wow! Big time No No I would think."

Not sure what your meaning is, but when I spoke with the Fish and
Game, in NJ they really could care less if the baitfish and even game
fish were kept in an aquarium as long as the guide lines for size
limits and species were followed. Say if you kept a baby chain pickerel
in the tank, well then that to them would be a no no , but if he was
over 15" then it would be ok. I did ask him about the other species not
listed Like johnny darters and pirate perch which are common in streams
in lower NJ near me and he said as long as it isn't endangered there
wasn't a problem. He did stress that collecting them for purpose of
sale was illegal and if cought selling them there was a hefty fine and
posible arrest. That said, now if bread in captivity ,the offspring are
no longer considered "wild" and as long as you keep documentation ,
from my understanding of the law garble( hence I am no lawer ), it
would be ok to sell the offspring.
Thats in NJ though, and don't accept my interpretation, I would
recommend research-in-the NJ Fish and Game website.
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