NANFA-L-- Male fishes-in-Petsmart

Irate Mormon (
Mon, 23 Jan 2006 19:08:28 -0600

I was out window shopping today (mostly-in-guitar stores) when I decided
to confirm Jan's observation about females being absent from the
offerings-in-PetsMart when there is a high degree of chromatic
dimorphism between fish genders. Sure enough, it was true. I asked the
fish lady, not really expecting an informed answer, and sure enough, I
didn't get one. She had no idea. I did find out that PetsMart carries
only male mammals (rats, mice) or females, depending on which location
you shop, but not both-in-the same location.

I am writing to PetsMart corporate headquarters for clarification on
this policy WRT fishes. I'll update the rest of you when (if) I get a
coherent response.


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