RE: NANFA-L-- PestMart

Irate Mormon (
Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:04:37 -0600

I've considered netting and bagging myself, but then I think I woud end
with a dozen other customers asking me to bag their fish.

Ah, but this is where you can really have some fun! Write bogus product
codes on the bag, so the fish are either really cheap or REALLY
expensive, or else total nonsense, so the cashier has to call someone to
go find the correct code. Or have them ring up as dog biscuits! The
entertainment possibilities are endless! And you can really mess with
the customers too ("Nope, Oscars will only grow as large as the tank you
put 'em in, and they're _grazers_" or "Rasboras are cannibalistic - you
should only ever keep ONE in a tank") :-D

--Obligatory positive native fish comment: You can sometimes find
native fish-in-PestMart

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