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geoffrey kimber (
Wed, 25 Jan 2006 20:48:02 -0700

I use amquel plus that advertises that it removes chlorine,
chloramine, ammonia, and nitrite.

I started using it when I travel long distances and go fishing. I
either change water as needed or just add this stuff to keep the
ammonia level down when I have to transport fish for several days.
This summer, I collected fish in San antonio, stayed there a few more
days, went to Tucson to visit my parents for a week, and then drove
home to virginia for 4 days, fishing in amarillo and oklahoma on the
way. The rio grande cichlids and mexican tetras from san antonio did
just fine despite all this abuse. of course, I fed the fish unless I
was actually on the road.

re: ammonia levels with chloramine + thiosulfate

To be honest, I have never measured the ammonia level after removing
chloramine with thiosulfate. I cannot find the exact chemical formula
for the chloramine that is used to disinfect tap water, but it is made
by reacting chlorine (either gas or hypochlorite) with ammonium
hydroxide. One site stated that munical chloramine was 61% chlorine
and 39% ammonia, which would not be too far off if the formula was

I'm going through this because-in-1ppm of chloramine (a common
concentration in drinking water) you would end up with .31ppm. 1ppm =
1mg/liter, so this could potentially be in the toxic range if you did
a big water change, depending on pH. besides - even if it's not
toxic, it just gets converted to nitrate and I have more algae growing
and I have to change the water sooner.

I hate to admit this, but I actually don't own an ammonia test kit. I
should probably get one the next time I'm in the fish store and use
thiosulfate to dechlorinate some water and see what ammonia level

sounds like work.
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