Re: NANFA-L-- PetsMart update

Jerry Baker (
Thu, 26 Jan 2006 12:07:26 -0800

Crail, Todd wrote:
> It's also possible that the male only thing is market initiated. And perhaps
> since that particular market doesn't usually concern itself with questions
> like this, they don't need to waste time answering the outliers. Plain and
> simple. They may not care what you think, as difficult as that might be to
> comprehend :)

I don't think there are many people that would be surprised to discover
that Petco doesn't care what they think.

> And I wouldn't take it personally if they don't get back to you. If I were
> them, I wouldn't answer either. There's no glaring ethical violations in
> selling only males, so why would they spend time defending their merchandizing
> schema? Their business model is to lower overhead as much as possible and
> turn a profit.

I find it hard to believe that NOT selling half of your stock could be
construed as lowering overhead and turning a profit. Seems more to me
like trying to make money off of an artificial scarcity rather than a
true market condition. In other words, profit through market
manipulation rather than competition and added-value.
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